About Conqueror North America:

Conqueror North America LLC is located just outside of Columbus Ohio and is the exclusive distributor of Conqueror Off Road Camping trailers in the United States.  The Team here at Conqueror North America has extensive experience in Automotive and RV fields, off grid camping and the outdoors.  Conqueror North America has assembled a team of excellent people to make your Conqueror experience the best in the market.  Our goal is serve our customers and set the industry benchmark with our superior product and customer service.

Our Story:

It all started with my dream to build the best off road trailer on the market that the whole family could enjoy.  Visions of taking the family where ever we wanted to go filled my mind.  I had the off-road, deep mountain, overland, camping fever.  With a degree in Mechanical Engineering and over a decade of experience working as an engineer in the automotive industry I began the task of creating a concept and bringing that concept to life.  The design criteria were pretty severe.  The trailer had to have a small form factor when stowed, light weight and most importantly fit all of the seven children in the family.  There are actually nine ten children now but we will leave that to another day.  I was set out to build the mother of all transformers off road trailers.  After years of designing, planning, buying surplus government materials and saving the funds for the build the day had finally come to start.  A few months into building the chassis my oldest son ( who was 8 at the time) was in the garage and said, “Dad I am going to be in college by the time you get this finished,”  I responded with, “you’re right, with that attitude we will never get this done, now grab that tape measure and help me out.”  Later that night I began to think about his comment….I needed to get this done so we can actually enjoy it.   It was that moment that we all have had where we shift our paradigm and say, I need to do this another way.  I still wanted to get all of the family out in the middle of nowhere and enjoy it for weeks on end and I will figure out how to do this, just another way.  During the years of planning I had become very familiar with the legendary brands from South Africa and Australia.  I had studied what I had judged to be their strengths and their weaknesses and had taken careful notes.  In fact I had created an insanely complex matrix of each trailer design and as my guiding light I decided, I am going to contact the one company that I believed had the best trailer that met my criteria.  Please suspend your thought of how I am ever going to get nine ten kids in a trailer for just a moment and work with me here.  I was going to contact one company and one company only and see if they would like to partner up and import trailers into the US.  If they said no then I would move on and go back to my trailer building in my garage.  If they said yes then I would pour all my efforts into establishing that brand here in the US.  So the email was carefully crafted and the send button was anxiously pressed.  What I thought was a long shot chance was barreling its way on the web to South Africa.  My dear wife commented, oh I am sure you will hear back from them.  In the back of my mind, I was recalling all the comments on the forums from people that had gone through similar motions only to never get a response.  I went to bed that night thinking, this could be really cool.  That morning I woke up at the usual time of 5:00 am and checked my email….and there it was a response from Conqueror International in South Africa.  I couldn’t believe it, they wanted to talk and see what I could offer.  I won’t go into all the details from there but the rest is history.

David Bates
President Conqueror North America LLC, Bellefontaine Ohio

About the Manufacture:

Conqueror International  has extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of trailers, originally in the military environment and later extended to the off road camping and safari market in South Africa. The Company has always taken an aggressive and innovative approach in the design of their vehicles, not satisfied with merely following current norms and procedures. This has led to a range of vehicles where innovative design, thorough field testing and unique manufacturing processes resulted in making the Company a leader in the African off road market. African road and infrastructure conditions may be the most severe in the world and our vehicles are thus rugged enough to withstand anything that may be encountered on any other continent.

Conqueror North America

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Conqueror North America 40.381146, -83.765797 Conqueror North America LLC 643 Stockyard Rd #217 Bellefontaine, OH 43311 phone: 937-594-9565

Conqueror North America LLC
643 Stockyard Road #217
Bellefontaine OH, 43311
Phone: 937-594-9565
Email: sales@conqueror4x4usa.com