Why Conqueror?

Why should you consider purchasing a Conqueror off-road Camping trailer?   Conqueror off-road Camping trailers have been safari and outback tested for over 25 years in the harsh and unforgiving environments of Africa and Australia.  What other trailer in the US market can boast of this proven pedigree?

How would it be for you to be able to go camping anywhere you want? The untouched, pristine campsite on the other side of the river or just over the next mountain are now within reach with a Conqueror off-road Camping trailer. Anywhere your vehicle can go, your conqueror trailer will effortlessly follow. Modern day conveniences coupled with a proven track record of surviving the harsh African and Australian environments qualify the Conqueror trailer to be your (UEV) Urban Escape Vehicle.

Most likely if you are in the market for this kind of trailer, you have spent countless hours researching what is the best trailer out there.  Many nights have probably been spent trolling overland and camping forums reviewing what others have posted.  You are a person that is willing to spend your hard earned money on quality products even though they may demand a premium price.  We get it. You want the best!  Hopefully after studying the materials here that we have published we will have demonstrated to you why Conqueror Trailers are the best and why you should join the Conqueror Family.

We invite you to do a thorough comparison between a Conqueror Trailer and the competition.  You will find that when you compare, feature for feature, the Conqueror Trailer is the highest quality choice in every metric.  We are confident that the UEV-310 Extreme, UEV-390 Extreme, UEV-440 Extreme and the UEV-490 Extreme will blow you away.

No Wood!

We don’t use any wood.  We believe that wood has no place on an overland camper.  Wood will get wet, expand, rot and then fall apart.


The backbone of any vehicle is the chassis. The main construction of our chassis is CNC cut and bent 3 mm steel.  Other critical strength parts are made of thicker material and laser cut for precision fitting. All chassis parts are powder coated or hot dip galvanized.  No other competitor in the US off-road trailer market offers a hot dip galvanized chassis.  With the use of high strength riveting and bolts, we have limited the amount of welds on the chassis. As a result of this technique the occurrence of metal fatigue and stress concentrations is very low. Another key benefit of this modular approach is that almost any part damaged in the field can be replaced in the field.

Towing and Suspension

On the caravan side, we use a patented independent suspension system with stabilizers and 12” electric brakes.  Heavy duty, off-road shocks are used on both the trailers and the caravans.  The trailers use a solid beam, shock/leaf spring suspension, with 10” electric brakes.  Every trailer and caravan is fitted with a 360 degree Max coupler.

Body Construction

Body construction is also based on a modular concept.  Parts are CNC cut and bent to ensure a high degree of accuracy. All body parts are individually powder coated. The body panels are assembled using high modulus polyurethane glue and secured with strategically placed high strength rivets. This method is similar to that being employed in the aircraft industry, producing a vehicle which is light weight and resilient.  It is for this reason that our trailers perform very well in off road conditions because of reduced weight, coupled with the reduction of metal fatigue and corrosion.   Automotive grade seals are used on all doors and special care in the design is taken to ensure a water and dust tight vehicle.  The caravans have the added feature of employing a positive pressure fan and filter system to keep the cabin pressured while driving to keep the dust out.


All of our accessories were considered in the design phase and not as an afterthought.  Everything has a place.

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