Q:  Do you offer financing?
A:  Yes, please see our financing page for more information

Q: How do I order a trailer?
A:  After reviewing the spec and pricing sheet, please email or give us a call.  If you are local or want to visit our shop then feel free to come on by.  We will do a complete review with you of exactly what you will be getting.  We will also review with you any options that you may have chosen and fill out your order form.  At that time you will need to sign an Intent To Purchase contract and also pay the minimum 25% down payment.

Q:  Is there a down payment requirement?
A:  Yes,  we require that you pay 25% down at the time of placing your order.

Q:  How long does it take from when I place my order to when my trailer will be ready to pick up?
A:  Unless the trailer is in stock, lead time is 8-14 weeks. This will vary depending on the time of year.

Q:  When will trailers begin to arrive in the US?
A:  We have already received the first shipment of trailers in September 2016 and have distributed almost all of them to customers all over the US.

Q:  When do I pay in full for the trailer?
A:  Full payment is due when you pick up the trailer.

Q:  I can’t make it to your shop, will you ship my trailer to me?
A:   Yes we do have a shipper that we are very pleased with.  They will charge $2.70 a loaded mile.


Please follow this link for detailed specs and pricing:  Pricing and Specs


When you are ready to order or if you have any questions then please email us at [email protected] or call 937-594-9565


If you are seeking other opportunities to save money, we offer even further discounts based on how much you put toward a down payment on trailers that are not in stock.
50% Down–  Delivery is Free


All in state sales will be subject to the 7.25% Ohio State and Local Sales Tax Rate.  If you live out of the state of Ohio you will pay your respective state tax when you register your trailer.

*Pricing and Options subject to change without notice*