About Conqueror North America:

Conqueror North America LLC is located just outside of Columbus Ohio and is the exclusive distributor of Conqueror Off Road Camping trailers in the United States.  The Team here at Conqueror North America has extensive experience in Automotive and RV fields, off grid camping and the outdoors.  Conqueror North America has assembled a team of excellent people to make your Conqueror experience the best in the market.  Our goal is serve our customers and set the industry benchmark with our superior product and customer service.


About the Manufacture:

Mega Manufacturers has extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of trailers, originally in the military environment and later extended to the off road camping and safari market. The Company has always taken an aggressive and innovative approach in the design of their vehicles, not satisfied with merely following current norms and procedures. This has led to a range of vehicles where innovative design, thorough field testing and unique manufacturing processes resulted in making the Company a leader in the African off road market. African road and infrastructure conditions may be the most severe in the world and our vehicles are thus rugged enough to withstand anything that may be encountered on any other continent.